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Pro-rata portion of Extended Corridor

David Van Haaren
February 15, 2011

Looking at illustration 3B of page 38, let's say both tenant C and D are 400 sq. ft and the corridor is 500 sq. ft. Do they each pay for 250 sq. ft. of corridor? What if the door to tenant D was moved to the right by 20', let's say to the area of the H.R. elev. Would they only pay for the corridor up to their door? If so, then why should tenant C pay for anything past their door coming from the other direction?
The whole extended circulation corridor seems to be missing from the spreadsheet. If the corridor is calcualtion on a proportionate share, we need a separate spreadsheet just to calculate the corridor areas.

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
February 17, 2011


The intention is to share extended circulation proportionately (pro-rata) among the tenants that it serves. In the unlikely event that two tenants are exactly the same size, then yes, they would share the extension 50/50. There is no weight given to one tenant or another based on door location within the extension.

You are correct that the required calculations are not in the spreadsheet. I think the standard could and should be more instructive in this regard. Perhaps this will be addressed in a future update.

In any event, it is reasonable to calculate pro-rata allocations of extended circulation on the side (and load the results directly into occupant area). Or, you could incorporate the calculations directly into the master spreadsheet. Whichever you feel is better for you.

I hope this helps.

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