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Extreme Measures

Laser Scanning for Architecture Engineering & Construction

Extreme Measures specializes in 3D laser scanning for AEC applications. We use LIDAR scanners capable of astonishing accuracy and detail. Every scan measures millions of points and each point knows its precise XYZ position. Collectively, these points constitute a three dimensional "point cloud" that can be navigated, drafted, and modeled in popular CAD and BIM applications. Applied to architecture, a point cloud is nothing short of a dimensionally-correct, digital copy of the building itself.

3D Laser Scanner
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Scan Only

Just need the scans? No problem. For experienced clients who already know their way around point clouds, we can deliver laser scan data in a variety of popular industry formats including RCS/RCP, FLS/FWS, E57, LAS, PTS, and more.


Scan + BIM/CAD

Most clients take advantage of our Scan-to-BIM and Scan-to-CAD services. We scan your project and use the resulting point cloud data to develop as-built BIM models and CAD drawings in Revit, Autocad and Archicad.

Point Cloud Example Video

Scan-to-BIM Examples

  • As-Builts for Planning and Renovation As-Built Architectural Models
    for Planning & Renovation
  • As-Builts for Fabrication and Installation As-Built Construction Models
    for Fabrication & Installation
  • As-Builts for Industrial Build Outs Industrial Warehouse & Office
    Build-Out for Retrofit Planning
  • As-Built MEP, Clash Detection and Interference As-Built MEP Models for Clash
    Detection & Interference Planning
  • Retail Space Management and Planning Retail Space Management,
    Inventory & Planning
  • Archival and Heritage Preservation Archival Documentation
    for Heritage & Preservation

Scan-to-CAD Examples

  • As-Built Drawings from Point Cloud As-Built Drawings
    from Point Cloud
  • As-Built 2D Elevations from Point Cloud As-Built 2D Building Elevations
    from Point Cloud
  • As-Built 3D CAD Models of Complex Spaces As-Built 3D CAD Model of
    Geometrically Complex Space
Scanning Benefits
Preliminary dimensional verification results in fewer change orders
"Point-in-time" digital archive for future reference and interrogation
Fewer site returns required by personnel and technicians
Clash detection of working model vs. actual site conditions
High-detail, high-precision imaging for fabricators and installers
Import directly into Revit, Autocad, 3DS, Civil3D, Navisworks, Archicad,
Microstation, Rhino, Solidworks and more
Free, standalone point cloud viewers including Autodesk Recap,
Scene Light, Cloud Compare etc.
Import Scans Into ...
Point Cloud Compatible Applications