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Extreme Measures

Building Measurement Services for Real Estate Professionals

Bring certainty to your building measurements with as-built floor plans from Extreme Measures. Our site technicians use precision lasers and CAD workstations to create high-accuracy, as-built drawings. You get Adobe PDF and AutoCAD DWG files. Expert BOMA Calculations are included supported by an Area Certificate Letter. When work is complete, simply download your files from our Planmine™ Building Data System.

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Our standard as-built floor plan service includes

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PDF Floor Plans

High-resolution, black & white floor plans for everyday viewing, sharing, and printing

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CAD Floor Plans

Dimensionally accurate AutoCAD DWG floor plans for design and construction

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Floor Area Calculations

Expert BOMA area analysis. Area charts and corresponding color schematics supplied

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Area Certificate Letter

Documentation on Extreme Measures letterhead confirming key area figures

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Exterior Building Photos

High quality JPEG photographs for easy reference and marketing applications

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Simply download all your finished files from our secure Planmine™ Building Data System

Additional as-built services available

Interior/Exterior Elevations

Reflected Ceiling Plans

Fire Safety &
Emergency Plans

Furniture & Equipment Plans

MEP & HVAC Layouts

& Custom Area Analysis

Why As-Built Drawings?

Construction drawings grow increasingly obsolete as buildings are constructed, renovated and maintained over time. Conversely, as-built drawings represent actual building conditions at the time of measurement - significantly increasing reliability for a variety of business and programming activities.

Building owners, managers and landlords need accurate square footage calculations for tenant lease administration and to support asset valuation during building purchase or sale. That's why Extreme Measures includes BOMA, IPMS (or other) area analysis with all its floor measurement assignments.

Real estate brokers, agents, and associates need content to support marketing, sales and leasing efforts. Up-to-date floor plans are a powerful communication tool that allow potential tenants to visualize themselves in the space. That's why Extreme Measures always delivers attractive, marketing-ready PDF plans and support documents.

Architects, engineers, and designers need accurate CAD files to space plan, renovate and retrofit existing buildings and spaces. That's why Extreme Measures uses precision laser instrumentation to dimension space and deliver accurate, high-quality Autocad DWG files.

  • The layout and accuracy of the drawings created, in addition to the efficiency of their website are the major reasons why we selected Extreme Measures. We previously tried a few other competitors and none could offer us the quality of service we need available to us.
  • Our work involves the development of large-scale urban projects and it's a challenge bringing certainty to pro formas and leasing commitments without accurate information. I find that including Extreme Measures early in the process is an invaluable decision-making benefit.
  • We have employed Extreme Measures several times with much success. Their site measuring service offers our business a valuable provision which we ordinarily would have to conduct ourselves, but without the skill and focus that Extreme Measures can provide.