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Frank Thomiszer
Thomiszer Design and Construction LLC
January 11, 2011

The BOMA 2010 standard seems to do a better job than prior standards in specifying how to handle retail properties. I have not yet examined the 2010 Retail standard; does it allow for different measurement treatment of retail facilities or is it a more detailed examination of how to apply the 2010 BOMA to retail projects?

Is there a cross-reference for each standard which identifies when its use is called for? Seems to be a lot of overlap-


Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
January 13, 2011


In the past year, BOMA has developed separate and distinct standards for Office, Industrial, Retail and Multi-Unit Residential. There is also a Gross Area Standard that may be applied to any building type, but is aimed more at building valuation and replacement than it is at leasing. Additionally, BOMA is currently working on a Mixed-Use Standard, which is expected to publish sometime this coming year.

The new retail standard focuses on shopping centers but is applicable to any retail building. It prescribes an approach that arrives at a GLA. It is a vast improvement over previously available methods. Note that BOMA 1996 was an office standard with a small, underdeveloped contingency for retail. It was never intended or developed for shopping centres, strip plazas or big box retail.

I personally do not think there is a lot of overlap within the suite of Standards - each Standard applies to a specific use-case. Admittedly, many of the same terms and definitions occur and reoccur in the different standards.

The new standards can be purchased online at www.BOMA.org.

Hope this helps.

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