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Enhanced Global Summary of Areas - Method B

Method Studio
April 3, 2022

Page 93 of the 2017 Office standards indicates that when checking for errors the

Floor Rentable Area = Rentable Area = Reallocated Rentable Area.

However, on pages 90 & 91 these areas don't match. Can you clarify how error checking should work? These areas in our spreadsheet also do not match.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
April 4, 2022

Hi Amber,

On page 93, the last sentence says "In the case of a Multi-Building Set, the sum total of all Buildings is used for the purpose of error checking."

Since pages 90 and 91 show an example of a multi-building set (Building 1 and 2), you must add up the building totals from both Enhanced Global Summary of Areas. In these examples, Interbuilding Area calculations were used and the buildings share certain Service Areas or Amenity Areas between them, which means some rentable areas of one building are proportionately allocated to the other building. This is why the Reallocated Rentable Area does not match the Rentable Area or Floor Rentable Area of the individual buildings, but they do match when combined.

I hope this helps.


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