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Roberta Techera
October 19, 2010

This situation appears in a new high rise Office building.
The building has 4 basements, in these levels structural columns and retaining wall are located in the boundary line. But inside the building usable area would start at a certain distance from the structural wall (6 meters). During these four levels this instertitial area was considered as a void beacasue there was not slab between the structural wall and the usable area wall (inner wall).
But, now for structural reasons a slab shall be done connecting the inner wall and the exterior retaining wall. Does it mean that the floor area increases?? considering So that this area cannot be used anyway because the inner wall cannot be moved or opened, also due to structural reasons:
In wich category should I put this area??
Or, shall I consider the inner wall the boundary line?
(For example: Similar situation would happen in a level with a porch or balcony, except that in this case there is also wall between the columns)
thank you.

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
October 19, 2010


That's a tricky question and an unusual scenario. In essence you will have floor area that is closed off and cannot be utilized in any way.

BOMA does not have an official position on this. My opinion is that the new floor area should not be counted as floor area; in other words, continue to call it void space and measure to the occupant's inner wall. This way the void space is accounted for, just not factored into rentable area.

Hope this helps.

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