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Commercial Multi tenant unfinished roof

Zoy Sarpoolaki
Andros Group Inc
April 29, 2021

Hi, I would like to know if a commercial office building's unfinished roof is used in the load factor calculation. This is a 4 story multitenant office building with the following specs:

Ground level: Total SF 3,932.00 Total common area sf 1,423.00
2nd level 7,880.00 1,601.25
3rd level 7,880.00 1,601.25
4th level 7,880.00 1,554.50
Roof 7,880.00 7,880.00

How does a landlord address the roof sf in order to account for it's maintenance? What would the correct load factor be in this building, and is it correct to attribute ALL the common areas + roof to ALL the tenants instead of common area per floor per tenant. In other words each floor will have a different load factor for the tenants in that floor.

This building is family owned for the past 40 years and the common areas were never calculated into the rent because we were not aware it could be done. CAM is not being charged either. I am trying to be fair to the tenants and at the same time charge what is necessary for the maintenance of the common areas and I need help to make sure the correct load factor is used. Thank you for your help.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
April 30, 2021

Hi Zoy,

Roof areas are not included in the BOMA 2017 Office Standard, except for Finished Rooftop Terraces that can be enjoyed by tenants. I wouldn't be able to tell you what the correct Load Factor is without an accurate as-built measurement of the building along with a BOMA 2017 area analysis. I recommend that you hire a company like mine which specializes in these services to do that work for you.


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