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Floor Allocation Column

Collective Architecture
March 31, 2021

Hi! My question is broken into 2:}
1. As the person working on BOMA Calcs for a office building landlord I need to explain to them what is the meaning of "Floor Allocation area". How do I explain it to them and what does that include?
2. Does this number has to ALWAYS be equal to the floor´s "BOUNDARY AREA (IPMS 2)" ?


David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
April 1, 2021

Hi Marilyn,

1. The standard document explains Floor Allocation Ratio on page 76 and in definitions, defines it as:

A Calculating Column in Method A of the Global Summary of Areas that
determines the proportionate share of Floor Service Area to be allocated to
Occupant Area, Building Amenity Area, and Inter-Building Amenity Area (if
applicable) on a floor-by-floor basis.

2. The Floor Allocation Ratio is unique on a floor-by-floor basis. It is not equal to the Boundary Area.

I recommend obtaining a copy of the standard from <a href="http://www.boma.org" target="_blank">www.boma.org</a> and reviewing the aforementioned and the Global Summary of Areas spreadsheets.


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