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Single tenant floor usable area

Dominic Tremblay
Interlope Multimedia
February 2, 2021

While doing a BOMA 96 report for a building with single tenant floors, I have to justify some areas because of a dispute between the owner and the tenant. It'a about the codification of corridors and elevator lobbies when there is only one tenant. I understand that the rentable area for this tenant will be the same if those corridors are codified as Floor Common Area of if it is part ot the tenant office area. But it seems that USABLE AREA is very important for them, so I want to know if and how BOMA addresses this case.

1. From the documents I could get concerning this situation, those corridors are more often that not considered as part of the tenant space, is that right?

2. Does the standard addresses this situation on a legal basis? Is that space really usable as it serves as circulation?

In conclusion, what can I use to justify theses areas as usable. Is this a grey area?

Thank you for your answer.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
February 4, 2021

Hi Dominic,

There is a supplementary document known as "Answers to 26 Key Questions about the ANSI/BOMA Standard Method For Measuring Floor Area in Office Buildings", which addresses this issue.

Question 23: On a single tenant floor, are the elevator lobby and restrooms considered Usable Area?
Answer: The BOMA Standard defines Usable Area as space that tenants can actually occupy and use and may allocate to house personnel and furniture. Thus, if an elevator lobby is under the tenant’s control and could be put to use (as a reception area, for instance), it is Usable Area. However, if the tenant cannot use that space because of fire code or other restrictions, it is not Usable Area. Restrooms are not considered Usable Area under the Standard, although they are part of Rentable Area.

The same logic would apply to corridors. Corridors on a single tenant floor are a bit unusual unless they are within the tenant's space and providing access to individual offices. Otherwise, a corridor on a single tenant floor is often a cross-over corridor, of which a tenant does not have control over because it's a requirement for egress, etc. If this is not the case, then it's most likely part of the tenant's usable area, but "control" might be something you should confirm with the landlord.

I hope this helps.


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