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Parking Area

Traci Webster
GFF Interiors
February 25, 2020

1. We have a parking area under the building that is partially enclosed for a small number of parking spaces. The Owner is looking to potentially rent these spaces out. Should we exclude this area from our BOMA calculations?
2. There is also walkable circulation area in part of this space (it is not conditioned but partially enclosed) to get into the building at the ground floor for all tenants, should this be Building Service Area?
3. Our entry to the building is above grade and one level up and we have a covered patio/gallery space for use by all tenants. Should this be Building Service Area, Unenclosed Building Feature or other? On one side of the building it does connect to a terraced area.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
February 26, 2020

Hi Traci,

1. The covered / structured Parking Area should be included in your BOMA report regardless. Parking Area is a rentable exclusion anyway, so there is no conflict with the standard if you rent out or reserve parking spots.

2. Partially enclosed areas may be allocated to Building Service Area. Just make sure that the area is in compliance with "Partially Enclosed" and "Building Service Area" as per the definitions and descriptions found in the standard.

3. This is hard to say without looking at plans. I would suggest reviewing Special Conditions, Exterior Areas (page 41) of the standard and see where it leads you. The gallery space is likely excluded altogether, but it may be a Covered Gallery. If it's a Covered Gallery and is available to all tenants, it would be part of the Boundary Area, but as a Rentable Exclusion. If the Terrace Area is considered a Rooftop Terrace, it may be allocated as Building Service Area. See Special Conditions, Unenclosed Building Feature (page 59).


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