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Distribution of BSA across multiple buildings linked together.

Dan MacIntosh
Smarter Spaces
November 6, 2019

I have three buildings that are linked together by shared walls. The building in the middle has BSA areas that service itself plus the right and left. Across the three buildings there is retail on the main level and office space on multiple upper floors. We are recommending office 2017 over Mixed-use? Does that make sense? The client was inquiring if we should pull the retail out to a separate report? Should each building have its own report or a separate report for each building?

Thank you, Dan

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
November 7, 2019

Hi Dan,

If the 3 buildings are all primarily office buildings (50% or more), then you should use the BOMA 2017 Office Standard and taking advantage of Inter-Building Service and Amenity Areas which will allow you to proportionately allocate the linked areas to each building as required.

Although the Mixed-Use Standard may be used in a multi-building complex (or campus), it is primarily designed for a single building with Mixed-Use components. Furthermore, it should not be applied when the building has a primary use component (e.g. Office). I would avoid the Mixed-Use Standard until the new version comes out (probably some time in 2020). The current Mixed-Use Standard is not compatible with the latest BOMA 2017 Office Standard, so you would have to use the BOMA 2010 Office Standard for the Office-Use component, which would yield a lower rentable area compared to BOMA Office 2017.


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