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Treatment of washrooms and main corridors in calculation of useable area for single tenant floors - BOMA 1980

David Pridham
Bentall Green Oak
August 16, 2019

In BOMA 1996 - M/F washrooms located on "single tenant" floors are not counted in the Tenant's useable area. BOMA 1996 does allow corridor areas (which could be used to house tenant's employees or furniture) to be included in Tenant's useable area calculation

Does BOMA 1980 (1989) allow the exclusive-use washroom areas to be rolled into the Tenant's usable space calculation - as well as the exclusive use corridors?

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
August 16, 2019

Hi David,

The BOMA 1980 standard is very low on details but it does specifically state that the usable area "is of prime interest to a tenant in evaluating the space offered by a landlord and in allocating the space required to house personnel and furniture." With that, we normally include tenant improvement washrooms as usable area, but not the base building washrooms that are usually found in the building core. This treatment is basically the same under BOMA 1996.

It should be noted that BOMA 1980 is no longer an ANSI approved measuring standard and in our opinion is inadequate for use today. We strongly encourage using the latest office standards, in particular BOMA 2017 Office. Among many of the advantages is that BOMA 2017 will allow a capped load factor on a tenant-by-tenant basis, so if you are using BOMA 1980 for the competitiveness of the the low gross-ups / load factors it achieves, keep in mind that you can achieve the same low gross-ups / load factors using BOMA 2017.


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