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Method B - BBC

nicole berns
March 21, 2019

Am I correct in understanding that the SF of the BBC for a single and multi-tenant floor can never be incorporated as part of the tenant's USF?
For example on a single floor tenant space if the Gross is 25,000 sf, Rentable exclusions 800 sf, Floor Service 450 sf and BBC 500 than the USF for the tenant is 23,250 sf (but actual space the tenant occupies is really 23,750 sf)?

A situation I have that I am confused with is a first floor that has a building lobby on the NW side of the building with an exit core and elevators and the other exit stair core is on the SW side of the building. The BBC figured for this floor essentially cuts the tenant space in half N/S. Multi-tenant space is being planned and one of the tenant spaces now incorporates the BBC area. SO, do you figure the tenant sf minus the BBC they are using and that difference is the USF? (It's the missing link of the BBC sf from the tenant space that is throwing me off. I just want to make sure my understanding is correct. Thank you!!

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
March 21, 2019

Hi Nicole,

You're understanding of BBC is correct, but it sounds unlikely that the ground floor would have BBC cutting through tenant space as you describe. If you look at the Ground Floor Method B color schematic example in the BOMA 2017 Office Standard, there is very little BBC on the floor. BBC is actually only located in a circulation area that would be Floor Service Area under Method A.

If you have already established BBC correctly on the first floor, then it should stay as-is for the life of the building. Any tenant demising wall changes, etc will have no impact on the BBC path. This can cause some strange situations and be of great benefit to the tenant who has BBC path going through their space.


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