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Covered Gallery - rentable exclusion

Lee Welsh
September 26, 2018

In Section 3.1, covered galleries are included in the boundary conditions under Unenclosed (Building or Occupant) Feature. In Section 3.3, covered galleries that are Unenclosed Building Features are to be designated as a Rentable Exclusion. It appears the only way to include a covered gallery would be if it is designated as an Unenclosed "Occupant" Feature - am i understanding this correctly?
I have a renovation project in which removing parts of a wall created a colonnade/covered walk along the side of a building that can be used by several tenants as both an amenity space and for circulation. It is available to the public and building occupants, although the public use will be primarily visitors to the tenants.
Any thoughts would be appreciated. Thanks

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
September 27, 2018

Hi Lee,

Yes you are understanding this correctly; however, the Unenclosed Feature example you provide would not qualify as an Unenclosed Occupant Feature since it must be exclusively used by a single Occupant. Please see definition of Unenclosed Occupant feature on page 105.


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