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Types of MUCA

jon stachelrodt
Daffodil Pediatrics
August 28, 2018

Hello, we are looking to lease medical space in a mixed use property. Purchased the Mixed Use Properties: Standards= Methods of Measurement. Unable to find a definition for MUCA-A, MUCA-B and/or MUCA-C.

Also unable to follow the calculations for Allocation of MUCA-B as described under Example 1 pages 28-29.

Not sure if this is relevant but Page 27, under "Allocation of MUCA-B", references an "aforementioned engineering study", which I was unable to locate. I feel I may be missing the basis for the allocation specifically for MUCA-B in that example.

Do I need to purchase another ebook? If so, please direct me to which book(s) I need.

In summary,
Please help us understand how MUCA-A, MUCA-B and MUCA-C are calculated (or defined)
Please help us understand the calculation methodology for MUCA-B

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
August 30, 2018

Hi Jon,

It's not possible to simply explain how MUCA is calculated here as it is a somewhat complicated multi-step process, but MUCA-A is used for Mixed-Use Common Areas that are proportionately allocated and MUCA-B is used for Mixed-Use Common Areas that are allocated based on a pre-determined percentage to various use components.

Additional MUCA's would be used when you have MUCA allocated to different sets of Use Components. For example, MUCA-A is generally used for allocation to all of the use components in a mixed-use building, whereas in some cases, you will need to allocate MUCA, for example, to 2 of 3 use components.

The Mixed-Use Standard can be difficult to interpret, but a careful study of the document will explain how to calculate MUCA.

I hope this helps.

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