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Industrial 2012 - Campus Common Area Calculation

Iisha Sethi
March 14, 2018

There are 3 two story industrial buildings that share campus common area integrated in an occupied industrial building. Building 1,2, and 3. Half of Level 1 in Building 2 has the campus common area that is shared by all three buildings. I am using Method A (EGA) for my spreadsheets and calculations.

1. How is the exterior gross area of Building 1 calculated? Do I include a separate column for campus common area or do I take it out of the spreadsheet all together and only include the campus area in it's separate spreadsheet? Do I treat it like a "VOID"?

2. How do I measure the campus common area if next to a tenant space or major vertical penetration? Does the typical wall priority diagram apply to the campus common area or do I measure to the centerline of adjacent spaces regardless of use?

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
March 19, 2018

Hi Lisha,

The BOMA Industrial Standard offers very little guidance with respect to performing these calculations. I would refer to the BOMA best practices article #3 -"Inter-Building Service & Amenity​" here:


Or, refer to Inter-Building Areas in the advanced section of the new BOMA 2017 Office Standard.

Applying the principles found in these publications to the Industrial Standard will be compliant.

The wall priority of your "Campus Common Area" or now referred to as "Inter-Building Area" should be according to its designation as either an Amenity Area or Service Area. Inter-Building Amenity Area will have the same wall priority as a Building Amenity Area and Inter-Building Service Area will have the same wall priority as Building Service Area.


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