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BOMA 2010 Clarification

Dan MacIntosh
Smarter Spaces
February 21, 2018

How is a promenade area categorized under boma 2010?

How do you approach easements in the following scenario's? Two buildings are connected. There is a geo-referenced boundary line that separates the two.

Building A is the building in question.
Building B is the adjacent joined property.

Building A has an easement that extends beyond the boundary line into Building B. How is this categorized under boma 2010?

Building B has an easement that extends beyond the boundary line into Building A. How is that categorized in boma 2010?

How do you categorize an electrical room for Building A the is located in Building B beyond the property line and beyond a defined easement. Its a stand alone.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
February 22, 2018

Hi Dan,

With regards to a promenade area - it is not included in the area calculations at all under BOMA 2010. The only unenclosed areas that are included are External Circulation, Exterior Door Setbacks, certain Building Service Areas and certain areas within an Unprotected Exterior Opening.

With regards to Building A and Building B easements - I don't think an easement should have any impact on the Boundary Area, as the property line should be the distinguishing factor. There is no mentioned in BOMA 2010 about easements, but the standard does mention the IGA Boundary when there is a change in ownership (condition ID 9). Please refer to the document as it mentions "property line" several times.

With regards to the electrical room, it would be categorized as a Building Service Area, but you would have to determine its proportionate allocation to Building A and Building B using Inter-Building Areas. Please refer to http://www.boma.org/standards/Pages/Best-Practices-for-the-Floor-Measurement-.aspx "BOMA Best Practices #3- Inter-Building Service & Amenity​" for more information.

Some of the things you are asking (other than the easement issue) are better resolved in the latest BOMA 2017 standard.


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