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Question on balconies and decks

Steve Orser
Lasertech Floorplans Ltd.
November 7, 2017

Some questions on decks and balconies:

- Is there a difference between a deck and a balcony as far as BOMA goes?
- With a shared balcony/deck, should it be setup as Tenant Ancillary area if its shared by tenants on the same floor? And IBA area if shared by tenants on different floors?
- If its not shared but used only by 1 tenant, should it be Ancillary or do you recommend it gets shown as a separate suite/line item?

Thanks. We have it implemented and have done 3 so far, most clients wanting it for sure.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
November 8, 2017

Hi Steve,

An Unenclosed Building or Occupant Feature does not include patios, decks and other site improvements. A Balcony is one of three permissible Unenclosed Occupant Features and "Balcony" is a defined term in the standard. You should refer to the standard and determine based on the definition if you have a balcony or a deck.

A balcony cannot be tenant Ancillary Area. Tenant Ancillary Area can only be Extended Circulation, Interior Door Setback or Ancillary Retail. A balcony may be designated as Building Service Area, Building Amenity Area, Inter-Building Service Area or Inter-Building Amenity Area, depending on which is most appropriate. If the balcony is used by more than one but less than all the occupants in the building, then you should use either Inter-Building Service Area or Inter-Building Amenity Area. Refer to the standard to determine which Inter-Building Area is more appropriate in your case.

If a balcony is used by only one tenant, the area of the balcony should be a separately disclosed Tenant Area, not Tenant Ancillary for the reason mentioned above.


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