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Dominant portions: vertical architectural columns with or without structural columns inside

Stephane Carriere
JBC Architectes inc
January 19, 2017

Dominant portion interpretation for buildings with vertical architectural perimiter columns:

1980' office building where exterior perimeter is a series of 10ft wide glass bays seperated by 5ft 'architectural' columns top to bottom of building (granit outside, drywall inside) projecting 6'' to 24'' inside floor space from adjacent glazed portions.)

case 2: Column is empty behind interior finish drywall.
easy case, measured to interior drywall finish (dominat portion)

case 1: Column has a structural concrete columns inside behind drywall that stick out more on the floor than case 1.

if we ignore structural element, do will still measure to interior finish of do we folllow interior glazing line of adjacent dominant portion, or do we treat it like case 1 as if there was no structure with the measured line through the column

case 3: Column has vertical piping inside.

Do we treat it like case 1 or do we treat it as a vertical penetration behing the interior finish.

I would like to send you some simple drawing extracts but cannot attach any pdfs

you can reach me at s.carriere@jbcarchitectes.ca or 514-812-7768


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