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Building common area in 3 building complex

Robert Sampson
WZMH Architects
June 28, 2016

We have designed an office tower which is nearing completion. This is the third office tower in a complex, all buildings are under the same ownership and share connected below grade levels. The BOMA calculations are done using BOMA 96.
There are 2 loading docks which serve the entire complex; one is below grade and is mostly outside of the new tower footprint. The second, larger dock is at grade and wholly within the new tower footprint. Our initial BOMA 96 calculations for the new tower have excluded the areas of both loading docks, however the owner is asking us how this is defined in BOMA 96; I cannot find anything that refers to a complex of building or campus.
Can you advise how to deal with this in BOMA 96? My first thought is that the total loading dock area should be considered as building common area and apportioned pro rata to the 3 towers. For example, if the 2 existing towers are each 0.5M sf and the new tower is 1.0M sf, then 50% of the loading dock area would become building common for the new tower, and 25% of it would apply to each of the existing towers.
Please advise if BOMA 96 has a way of apportioning this area, or if there are other methods that would apply.

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