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Perimeter Walls

Cameron Christian
May 5, 2016

When measuring with the Gross Method, does the entire thickness of the perimeter wall get calculated (to the finish material) or only to the outside of the stud?

BOMA states that the building perimeter is "a closed line that encompasses all structured elements of a building at every level" but that seems a little ambiguous.

Most architects seem to calculate to the far side of the stud on the exterior walls.

Evris Mitchell
Miami Dade County Gov't Center
December 2, 2016

When dealing with gross area of the floor I understand that it calls for a closed line along the perimeter of the inside face of the exterior wall. The question is: Does it includes the finish material? When we measure a room, the tape is taken to the outermost surface of the wall, so that would include the wall finish, but to not get confused with the baseboard which we would ignore, since we're looking at a floor plan and see multiple lines to a wall.

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
December 2, 2016

The standard says the measure line is the "outermost structural
or architectural surface of the exterior face" and to ignore decorative projections. This should give you sufficient guideline to determine the measure line.


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