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Open Dock Area

Douglas Allen
Measure Dynamics
November 24, 2014

In a multi-story dock area where one side is open to the street, is that area part of the IGA/Building Common? The dock area has a large dumpster, electrical area behind a chain link fence, and the building back-up generator. The area is covered by upper floors.

In the same building there is a ramp that leads up to the parking deck. The parking floors are at the top of the building and are owned by another entity. Would that parking ramp up be excluded from any IGA, or treated as parking area on the BOMA Spreadsheet.


David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
December 4, 2014

HI Douglas,

I apologize for the delay getting back to you. This one fell through the cracks...

The loading dock would have to be fully enclosed in order to be included as Building Service Area. The area does not need to be climate controlled, but at a minimum, would need a method of enclosure, such as a rolling door.

I would consider the ramp part of the parking area.


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