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"Residual" area

Gordon Lindsay
September 10, 2014

We are measuring a shopping mall according to BOMA retail standards, but there are cases where we end up with "residual area" which we do not know how to assign.

1.There are department stores in the mall and we have been instructed to measure them according to an agreed "estimated area" which does not conform to BOMA because they are measured to the centre of the external wall.

Because of this, we are left with a strip of "residual" area in the remaining depth of the external facade walls. How do we assign this area in Boma terms? Non-leasable area?

2. We have a large atrium at the shopping level, with a raised roof on vertical enclosing curtain walls. On this roof level, we exclude the open atrium area as "void", but we measure the internal finished slab edge and the depth of the vertical enclosure up to the line of the external face of the enclosure. To what do we assign this "residual" area?

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
September 10, 2014

Hi Gordon,

1. You can't force your area analysis into compliance with the BOMA Retail Standard unless the client is willing to do everything in accordance to the standard. If this isn't possible, I recommend leaving a disclaimer on all of your output. You can treat the residual as non-leasable but it still won't be in compliance.

2. I would like to see a plan if possible, but it sounds like it's just part of the common area. Please send to mail@xmeasures.com if you would like me to look at it more closely.


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