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When To Use Mixed Use

Emma Corbalan
September 8, 2014

We have a client that has a core and shell building that is designed for retail tenants at the ground floor and office tenants on the upper floors. We have been using the office building measurement standard, and the client has now asked whether we could also use the mixed use standard.

I don't currently have a copy of the mixed -use standard so I can't advise the client as to whether it would be more applicable, or what the major differences are. The building is straight-forward in terms of shared spaces, and the only two uses are retail and office. Could you advise as to which system would be the most appropriate?

Thanks in advance.

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
September 9, 2014

Hi Emma,

According to the mixed-use standard itself, "it is preferable to apply a BOMA single-use standard when possible."

The mixed-use standard is not a truly independent document in that it relies upon the application of BOMA's existing standalone standards (i.e. office, industrial, and retail) for the measurement of these different use components.

There are many distinguishing aspects to the mixed use standard; however the main difference arguably, is the inclusion of Mixed Use Common Area (MUCA) which is shared among use components. As you might imagine, this complicates area calculations considerably.

Because the 2010 office standard has provisions for retail space, it is advisable that you use it if possible. With that said, you should probably retain and study the mixed-use standard in order to develop a proper opinion on the matter.

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