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Differences between BOMA 2009 and BOMA 2012

Jody Hendry
Slate Office REIT
August 20, 2014

We recently had a building measured using BOMA 2009 standards. We requested a printed copy of the 2009 standard from BOMA and received the BOMA 2012 standards. I note that your category says BOMA 2012 (formerly 2009 and 2004) so assume that 2012 supercedes 2009. Can you please advise if there would are any material differences in the measurements between the two standards and if we should be requesting a new table showing 2012 as the standard?

David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
August 21, 2014

Hi Karen,

BOMA 2012 Industrial is the latest standard for measuring industrial buildings. The latest version is more in-line with the BOMA 2010 Office Standard so it differs in some ways from BOMA 2004 and BOMA 2009 which were exactly the same and conceptually similar to the BOMA 1996 Office Standard. Most notably there are some different rules with regards to the classification of mezzanines, which may affect the rentable area between the previous standard and the latest. There are also some changes with regards to the open stairs that sometimes provide access to mezzanines, which could affect the rentable area. It is difficult to say exactly how your building would be affected without performing an analysis.

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