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MVPs and BCAs general questions.

Guest User
November 18, 2009

I have two questions.


In Exhibit 1 MVPs are not used (not measured and not deducted from rentable area).

In Exhibit 2 they speak about MVPs in conjunction with BCA, but in sample calculation MVPs are not deducted from rentable area.

In Exhibit 3 nothing said about MVPs and they are not deducted. Only in Exhibit 4 they measure and deduct MVPs.

Does it mean that I shall measure MVPs only in the case of multiple story and multiple occupancy building?

Q2: How do you account for tenant corridors on Mezzanine floors in a one story multiple occupancy building ? As a BCA?

What if the corridors on Mezzanine floor are not common for Tenants? (Tenants are isolated and have separate stairs to the Mezzanine). In this case, will corridors leading to their Offices/Storage areas belong to the corresponding Tenant's area?

Sorry for a big question:)

Thank you.

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
November 19, 2009

Q1 Answer:

Exhibit 1, One Storey/Single Occupancy - Correct, Major Vertical Penetrations are not deducted.

Exhibit 2, One Story/Multiple Occupancy - Yes, they speak of Major Vertical Penetrations at it pertains to measuring Tenant's Area and Building Common Area, but the basic assumption seems to be that Major Vertical Penetrations are not (usually) a factor in One Story Buildings at all, as it is not referenced in the calculation section.

In the event that your One Story, Multi-Tenant Building DOES have a Major Vertical Penetration (such as an enclosed roof access stairwell), we advise that it be deducted entirely from all calculations, similar to Exhibit 4.

*We feel that this matter should be clarified in future iterations of the Standard.

Exhibit 3, Multiple Story/Single Occupancy - Correct, MVPs are not deducted

Exhibit 4, Multiple Story/Multiple Occupancy - MVP's are deducted.

Q2 Answer:

For the purpose of area calculations, The Standard only addresses Mezzanines that are part of a Tenant Area and does not address Floor Common Area or Building Common Area occurring on Mezzanines.

If you have a multi-tenant mezzanine, the simplest and most effective solution is to treat the Mezzanine as a distinct floor, and to allocate FCA and BCA as required as per Exhibit 4 - Multiple Story, Multiple Occupancy.

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