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Rentable Area Calculation

Jeff Tathwell
Tathwell Design Associates
November 13, 2009

1. I am working on calculating the renatable area of an old brick bearing wall building constructed in the 1890's. Currently there are two 12" thick brick bearing walls bisecting the building with open doors ways cut through the bearing walls for access. Are the internal bearing walls considered part of the rentable area or subtracted from the rentable area?

2. There are several locations where the floor has been removed to allow light access and create double height rooms (conference, reception and etc.) These areas are within the tenant suite but were done by the building owner when the building was renovated, and not by the tenant. Are they considered part of the usable area?



David Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
November 13, 2009

1. There are no deductions made for internal bearing walls.

2. Atria, lightwells and similar penetrations above the finished floor are considered Major Vertical Penetrations (MVP) and are EXCLUDED from the Usable (and rentable) area. Penetrations built for the private use of a tenant are considered Usable Area but this is not the case here.

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