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How does BOMA June 7, 1996 direct the measurement of my retail premises????

gladstone tire distributors ltd
August 17, 2012

i own retail space on the ground floor of a mixed-use building which includes a residential condominium on top of retail spaces. the retail ownership is freehold, not condominium. i would like to know where the points of measurement are supposed to commence and end? three of the walls/glazing are exterior, and one is interior. is the building line a variable to be considered in measuring? as a layman I find this subject somewhat complicated. your assistance is most appreciated. how can I convey a floor plan and pictures to give you greater context.



Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
August 20, 2012

BOMA 1996 is intended for office buildings, and accounts for a portion of retail occupancy, usually on ground floors. Measurement of "store area" should be to the building line in the case of street frontage. The building line is generally defined by the building overhang - it's projection beyond your unit's exterior wall. Where street frontage is not a consideration, measure to the center of demising walls between occupancies and building common area, and to the inside wall where your unit meets major vertical penetrations and floor common area.

It is confusing for people new to the standard. You can send us files at mail@xmeasures.com if you would like us to have a closer look. Floor plans are ideal, pereferably CAD files.

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