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Lease line per BOMA retail

Iwan Kuntjoro
Musson Cattell Mackey Partnership
July 3, 2012

I have a few questions to ask, as follow:

1. I'm looking at a retail space planning for a client and am wondering when an entry vestibule is required by energy code, will that space used for the vestibule be counted in the GLA or not?
2. Per Illustration 5 in the ANSI/BOMA Z65.5-2010, Major Vertical Penetration that are surrounded by GLA will include it's enclosing walls excluded from the GLA, unless it adjoin common area (which enclosing walls are included in GLA). In a scenario where a MVP adjoin a demising wall between units, but not adjoin any common area, should I include the enclosing walls in the GLA or not?
3. When an exterior store front system (which is the dominant portion of the wall) is inset from the exterior wall finish (ex. brick finish), would the lease line measured to the face of the brick or to the face of glass?
4. Also, similar scenario where an exterior wall (EIFS) have a 3' high base wall that is thicker that the wall itself (brick finish), would the lease line measured to the finish face of the brick or EIFS?

Thank you for your time and attention.

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
July 5, 2012

Hi Iwan,

1. Yes it would normally count as part of the GLA. There is no provision in the Standard for removing area based on energy code requirments. The only possible deduction of this area might occur if the landlord agrees to adjust the "lease line" so that it omits the vestibule area.

2. According to the Major Vertical Penetration definition on page 12 of the standard, the MVP's enclosing walls are included in the the GLA.

3. Most likely to the outside face of brick. Under the definition of lease line, the standard says "if no specific dimensional definition is provided by the landlord, the storefront lease line shall be established by the leading edge of the neutral pier or mall bulkhead above". Dominant portion is not a feature of the Retail Standard.

4. It's hard to say for sure, but in this case, we would probably measure to the outermost wall surface.

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