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Office IGA

Tawny Correa
Tawny Correa
March 15, 2012

Can I use standard IGA boundaries for floors that are entirely Office use? If so, what about floors where it's 90% Office use?

Or is it correct to use EGA for spaces throughout?

I'm aware of the IGA/EGA conversion but it seems it's only for MUCA spaces. How would the actual office spaces be adjusted?

Thank you!

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
March 16, 2012

Hi Tawny,

Use the IGA boudaries for office floors as per the office standard. The IGA/EGA ratio only applies to MUCA spaces (you will notice that the global summary of areas does not account for EGA at all). And remember that the IGA/EGA Ratio only applies to MUCA's contained within office use components. Office components should not be otherwise adjusted - the overarching goal of the Mixed Use Standard is "business-as-usual" with respect to the indivitual-use Standards, with minimal disruption only for the inclusion/allocation of MUCA spaces.

The 90% Office Use question is a little more difficult to answer and depends on your configuration and possibly governing documents. If the 10% non-office space could normally be accomodated by the Office Standard (like a coffee shop for example), then I would suggest you incorporate it into the office component in order to minimize complication. If however, the 10% is a totally distinct use (such as a dedicated multi-residential lobby for example), then this should be allocated as a Multi-Res Component.

I hope that I am hitting on the right points here and answering your question.

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