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R/U factor vs. "Gross Up Factor"

David Lachapelle
David Lachapelle Architect Ltd
January 25, 2012

Is the R/U factor synonymous with the commonly used term "Gross Up Factor"?

We did the BOMA calcuations for a 3 tower complex a few years ago. Now the client is asking if the R/U factor for the building complex is the "gross up factor" for the complex.

If you can assist with this question, it would be appreciated.

David Lachapelle

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
January 25, 2012


R/U Factor, R/U Ratio, Gross Up Factor, and Load Factor are generally synonomous. They all refer to the proportionate allocation of common area to tenant space.

The tricky part is understanding that there are different types of gross up factors. Under BOMA 96, only Floor Common Area and Building Common Area are supported, and as such there is a Floor R/U Ratio and a Building R/U Ratio respectively. Most landlords and tenants are interested in the Total R/U Ratio (which strangely is not outlined in the standard itself), because this accurately illustrates the difference between Usable and Rentable Area.

Some practitioners extend BOMA common area types to include Private (or Limited) Common Area, and Complex (or Campus) Common Area - which is what it sounds like you have here. These gross-ups are not technically part of BOMA 1996, and costitute a modification of the Standard.

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