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Classification of mixed-use components

Alex Agapov
December 20, 2011

Dear extreme measures,

How escape stairs shall be classified according to the Mixed-Use Standard (2011)?

The mixed-use property has 3 levels of Retail use and 5 levels of Office use. Fully enclosed parking level serves only Office use component. Mechanical level is located on the roof. Seven stairs go through all levels.

Shall I measure these stairs as MUCAs or as parts of retail and office components when found on corresponding levels? Office and retail components are alomost independent. What are the cretiria for deciding?

Thank you.

Alex Agapov
December 21, 2011

In addition to my previous question.

Stairs are generally not used and normally locked. Stair doors are automatically opened in case of fire.
Almost all vertical communication is done by elevators, which have complicated programming.

1. What are the criteria for classifying areas of elevators on each level (and adjoining lift lobbies and air pressurized tambours)?

2. Is it correct to classify the area of a lift shaft on all levels as MUCA if this elevator serves both retail and office uses? Or it must be classified to retail use component at retail level and to office use component at office level?

3. Parking level contains maintenance and technical rooms, that serve the whole building. These rooms are accessed by personnel of maintenance company using some service elevators and common elevators. Shall I classify areas of these elevators as MUCA because of this reason? (Parking is used only by Office component)

Thanks a lot!

Adam Fingret
Extreme Measures Inc.
December 21, 2011


(1st message response)

Shared stairs and elevators should be classified as MUCA's, but take note that they will be deducted from Preliminary Floor Area in Column F (Page 38), and will not factor into Rentable Area. In essence, MUCA MVP's are disclosed for transparency, but are ommitted from leasing figures. In the absence of governing documents, you will have to use your best judgement to decide which MVP's constitute MUCA's and which ones are unique to a particular use component. In most cases, this should be fairly clear.

(2nd message response)

1. There isn't any special consideration for elevators, lift lobbies or tambours. Treat as you would for each use component (i.e. Floor Service Area, Building Service Area or Major Vertical Penetration) as applicable.

2. As per it's individual use component on each floor.

3. Assign common maintenance and technical rooms to MUCA. Because, parking primarily serves the office component (and without having seen your plans), I think that elevators and elevator lobbies on parking levels should be assigned to the office use component, however, there is clearly some room for debate here.

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