Planmine API

The Planmine API allows your company to integrate up-to-date Planmine information directly into your corporate website, enterprise software, or network. Floor plans, area calculations, and tenant data are readily accessible to your application on-demand. Easy implementation via JSON facilitates rapid deployment of custom dashboards, file repos, statistics modules, and building/lease management software. Contact us for pricing and technical specifications.

Strategic Partners

Extreme Measures and Arcestra have teamed up to provide a best of breed solution for commercial leasing and marketing departments. The partnership combines Arcestra’s CoRE™ asset management, visualization and publishing software with Extreme Measures’ building measurement services. Clients can now benefit from a seamless solution that delivers:

  • Automated transfer of your as-built floor plans to Arcestra CoRE via the Extreme Measures API
  • Your Client branded as-built plans are displayed in your Arcestra availability report
  • Publishing your marketing data including as-built files across Independent Listing Services
  • National Coverage

Archidata is a property management solution that integrates a plan room with a facility management solution. ArchiDATA leverages plans to generate a database of spaces in 3D and geo-references building elements and equipment inside the building.

PlaceMatch is a decision support system that empowers your leasing team to close more deals. PlaceMatch gives your brokers the information they need to offer the most appropriate properties to a prospective client. What properties are available in a specific date range? Are their incumbrances? Are their adjoining suites that can be combined to meet a customer's needs? PlaceMatch answers all of these questions in real-time and all within the privacy of your company's private network. Your data and core systems stay exactly where they are. See PlaceMatch in action here.

Polyform Labs is a software company that specializes in commercial real estate. Their engineers and web designers are certified to integrate your existing applications with Planmine or build you new tools to visualize your portfolio and improve your bottom line.