Laser Measured Plans

We measure buildings anywhere in the United States and Canada. Our site technicians use high-accuracy laser distance meters and mobile CAD workstations to develop as-built floor plans, ceiling plans, elevations, and 3D BIM models. For complicated or hard-to-reach spaces, we utilize 3D Laser Scanners. You get accurate, as-built plans in Adobe PDF and AutoCAD DWG format. Expert BOMA area calculations are included with every job and supported by an Area Certificate Letter. When work is complete, simply download your files from our secure Planmine™ File Management System.

Sample Plans

Industry Applications

Our best-in-class building measurement service is for Property Owners & Managers, Building Operators, Brokers, Architects, Engineers, Designers, Planners, Home Owners, and Tenants. Our plans are used for Aquisition Due Diligence, Lease Area Certification, Area Dispute Resolution, Emergency Procedures Documentation, Marketing, Facility Management, CAFM Integration, LEED Application, Building Retrofit and Permiting.

What You Get...

What We Capture...

Our Standard Service Includes
Visible Base Building Construction
All Demising Walls & Partition Walls
Doors & Windows
Stairs, Elevators & Escalators
Built-in Cabinetry & Millwork
Major Plumbing Fixtures
Room Names, Numbers & Labeling
Location Map & Key Plan
Floor Plan Extras
Reflected Ceiling Plan (RCP)
Fire Plan Details
Electrical, Tel & Data Fixtures
Visible Mechanical Elements
Door, Sill & Header Heights
Furniture & Equipment

Free Planmine™ Hosting

Completed floor plans are delivered and hosted on our Planmine™ Building Data System for secure 24x7x365 access from any web browser. Along with sophisticated file sharing capabilities, Planmine also features lease management tools, including stacking plans, and the ability to track tenant rights, move-ins, and lease expirations.

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