Our Company

Extreme Measures specializes in building measurement. We utilize high-accuracy 3D laser scanners and distancemeters to generate as-built floor plans, sections, elevations and 3D/BIM models. Our clients are building owners, managers, brokers, architects, designers, and tenants. Since 1996, our company has measured over 375 million square feet of real estate for many of North America's most prominent companies and institutions.

Extreme Measures is a BOMA Floor Measurement Standards Expert. We host a free BOMA Help Desk and forum on our website where we field area analysis questions from around the globe.

Extreme Measures continually develops and refines proprietary systems and web applications such as Planmine™ (for archival file storage, lease tracking and building management) and DIY Feature Sheets™ (for creating fast, professional marketing brochures). These applications are completely free to use online and are a value-added benefit to our clients.

Our talented and responsive staff come from a variety of backgrounds including architecture, engineering, surveying, technology, business, and marketing. Individually and as a group, we are wholly committed to project accuracy, timely completion, and exceptional customer service.